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Pandemic times

Wow! who would have expected this? We are 7 months in to it. I’m exhausted by living in fear of catching the virus and losing a loved one to it. I’m having trouble calming my thoughts down well enough to paint. Everything seems to turn out poorly lately. It’s difficult for me to concentrate with all the crazy politics and general unease in the air here. We aren’t used to being in such turmoil. So, I’m just getting myself to work on this website which has been neglected for far too long. So long that I can’t recall how to edit it and add art! Yikes. Not being a technical person makes this extra challenging! Thankfully, I’ve sold a few paintings since all of this began and won an award in the fall member show of the Minnesota Watercolor society. My doodles are intuitive paintings that I go over with a pen and find interesting creatures to pull out. They are a meditation of sorts and pull me into the right side of my brain where I can take my line for a walk. It’s a joyful process and very fun way to escape.


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