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Letting the art speak

A man who purchased one of my paintings approached me the other day. He told me how much he loves his painting, Lost Innocence 7 and that he has renamed it, Aquifer. He told me how he sees water dripping through the layers of earth and he loves to look at it every day and never tires of it. He enjoys seeing different elements each time he looks at it. I was so happy to hear this! I love how he has brought his own narrative to the painting and given it a new title. I think about the story of the painting while I 'm working on it. What it means to me and what it's telling me. Each of my paintings has a story behind it. I don't really want to tell you what the story is for me but I give clues with my titles. My desire as an artist is for the viewer to come up with their own story and have a dialogue with the painting. I enjoy when a piece can have a totally different meaning to someone else.

To learn that this piece has spoken to someone on such a level is incredibly satisfying. When the viewer creates their own narrative of a painting, it becomes important to them. I have my own story of the painting but this piece transcends my story to create a new unique one with the man who bought it. I love it when my art speaks to the viewer! I hope my painting whispers a story to you as well.

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