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Thinking out loud in a new work

I've been thinking about how we are all connected. We are all standing on the planet as it rotates under our feet. Everything I do leaves an impression on the planet and leaves an imprint on everyone else. Is this spirituality? Is this a collective consciousness? Are we all magnetically, or microscopically connected to each other? When we breath do we breath each other in? While intuitively painting last fall, I developed a symbol for souls in my series called "Lost Innocence". The squares became a symbol for lost souls through

my next painting

this journey of life. Each of us is unique, so none of the "squares" are the same or perfect. You can see how this symbol has evolved over the year and I'm comfortable using it in my work. I enjoy this symbol and layering them together with color and lines.

We've just had a huge presidental election in the US. I'm feeling a lot of anger and unsettledness from people. I feel a huge divide among us. This division is coming out in my new painting experiment. I have cut the plane of the canvas to represent this pain and division. I want to use telephone wires to connect us back together. I found some plastic coated wires from a lighting fixture to incorporate into my piece. I decided to start on a smaller canvas to see how cutting it and running the wire through it would look. I also went into my sewing kit and decided to use some embroidery floss that I've used in a few other works. The sewing brings to my mind issues of gender and those are the menders of broken things. For me, my mother and grandmothers were the menders. I chose bright green floss to mend the rift in my painting as green is the symbol for earth and new growth. I always feel earth is feminine and divine somehow she will bring us together and help heal us. I feel strongly that we must protect our earth as she protects us. We must reconnect with each other for the sake of the earth. This is what my new painting is about. I think it's working but I still feel broken. I can sense a new series building from this which is exciting.

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