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Melissa Moore

  Melissa Moore is a painter working out of her home studio in Minnetonka, Minnesota. She uses mostly watercolors and acrylics as she enjoys the fluidity and spontaneity they bring to her work. Melissa's work may be considered autobiographical as she relates and responds to events and places in her life. Her use of color and form (squares) are mostly symbolic. Melissa finds squares help bring a sense of order to the chaos of life and grief of loss. Melissa's love of landscape, nature, and light also show in her work. She views art as communication and strives to connect  with her audience on an emotional level.  Her desire for the viewer to form their own narrative from her work keeps her intuitive paintings mostly abstract. Her titles help give clues as to the deeper meanings of her pieces. Melissa's work has been  in multiple shows around the Twin Cities in Minnesota and is held in private collections around the United States. Gracie the cat is Melissa's faithful pal in the studio.



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