Springstep Collective

I am very happy to announce the birth of a new art group. We are an eclectic group of five local artists, calling ourselves The Springstep Collective. We are working on branding ourselves with a logo and a website. We are also working on our Pop Up Gallery we have planned for Sunday, May 7th at one of our member's homes. This will be a great opportunity to show off our work and we are all looking forward to it. It will be a big undertaking for me as I will work to get a cohesive group of at least 15 + paintings ready to show. A big expense for me will be framing not to mention the costs of putting on this show. We will have food and wine! Hopefully people will show up and fingers crossed

New art group?

I'm pretty excited about the possibility of joining a new art collective with some other local artists. We are meeting again this week to hash out more details. If this works out, I will have finally found a group to gather with not just in a class format. I hope to talk about art, discuss ideas, critique each other's work, as we support each other in our quest to better express ourselves. We are discussing a group show as well. Stay tuned!

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