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New Works Added!

Hello all!

Being a horrible technical person, it always takes me a long time to add or do anything with my website.

This is by no means a critique of which I used to build my site but rather a complaint about my overall lack of computer skills. So, I have finally managed to put my recent paintings up on my site.

It took me all day so far. I hope you have a reaction to them. Feel free to send me your thoughts and comments. Photography of my work continues to be my achilles heel and my little iphone camera is what I use most of the time for ease of uploading the images. It has a strange spot on it so forgive me.

I am currently working on a large painting and anxious to get back to it as soon as I can. It is BIG for me (three feet wide by 4 feet tall) and barely manages to fit on my easel! I will add it when I finish.

Thanks for looking!


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