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New Show!

My work is currently hanging in the Member's Gallery at Zeller Studio.

I hope you get a chance to stop by and see my work in this beautiful space!

I have 20 pieces up and the show looks amazing! There are two new ones since my

last show at the Pop-Up Gallery.

Stay tuned for opening reception date which is TBD by Gallery owner, Deb Zeller.

Zeller Studio

1421 Mainstreet

Hopkins, MN


Hours are varied as it is a working studio and only open when artists are present.

Mondays - 6-9 pm (bronze buddies)

Wednesdays - 8am-4pm (Minnesota Figure Study Collaborative)

Thursdays - 9am - 1pm (classes)

Saturdays - 9am - 1pm (Portrait Sessions)

or to make an appointment email

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